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Wind Speed and Direction

Sailing conditions offshore at Long Beach have a number of influences. The two major influences are the thermal sea breeze and the Catalina eddy. The thermal sea breezes are southwesterly with speeds of 10 to 16 knots in the afternoons, less in the morning. The Catalina eddy gives several days with southeasterly to south winds with speeds in the 6 to 12 knot range. This is most frequent in the spring months. Frontal systems can also occur occasionally, causing medium to strong northwesterly winds. Occasionally hot desert Santa Ana winds, or thunderstorms occur which cause unusual wind speeds and directions.

June provides some of the best, most consistent sailing conditions in Long Beach with the thermal sea breeze dominating the weather patterns at this time of year.

A daily weather briefing will be provided for all competitors. In addition the following links provide useful information to plan your on the water strategy.

Weather Links

Water Temperature

The California Current, a southerly ocean current provides the major influence on water temperature in Southern California. This cool ocean current should keep the water temperature in the range of 66°F to 70°F during Long Beach Race Week.

Air Temperature

The temperature during Long Beach Race Week should be between 75°F and 85°F.


Long Beach has a small tidal range, around 5-7ft. Click on the following link to view  the NOAA Tides and Currents predictions for Long Beach Terminal Island during  Long Beach Race Week.

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