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2023 LBRW Sunday, June 25 Weather Forecast

Sunday, June 25, 2023   Forecast valid: 0800HRS PDT

Saturday’s conditions will look similar to today’s but with a bit more low clouds that should mostly clear out by the blue flag. Yesterday’s conditions in the east harbor looked vastly different from winds at pier J and in San Pedro Bay where surface observations show winds in the 15-23 knots range between 3:45 and 5:30PM while the east harbor had more in the range of 8-14 knots.

I should have mentioned in yesterday’s briefing that while Long Beach has a reputation of just banging the right corner, when a velocity decrease phase kicks in it is often the left that pays and then back to the right as the pressure builds back in. This is especially true from Seal Beach and up to the Downtown Marina area. Hopefully today’s winds are more consistent.

Synopsis:  An upper level low over the west coast will maintain cool temperatures and onshore flow today. Winds in the outer waters were strong enough last night to spin up a weak eddy and usher in low clouds and some fog overnight. With an early start today, the high resolution models are calling for 5-7 knots at the start. The winds don’t really pick up until after 3PM today with 14-17 knots being the peak and likely less than that prior to 3PM. Have fun, stay aboard, and enjoy another beautiful day on the water with your friends.

Winds: 6-14 G 15-16 knots
Direction: SW
Skies: Partly Cloudy
Seas: West Swell 3ft @6 seconds

Weather thanks to Ullman Sails/WxRouting

Mark Michaelsen

Voice-Text: +1 (562) 301-8334 

2023 LBRW Saturday, June 24 Weather Forecast

Forecast valid: 0810HRS PDT
Another pretty day is on tap for this year’s edition of Ullman Sails LBRW. Skies are partly cloudy as high clouds stream over the area from the SSW. Winds from Santa Monica Bay and south have already turned onshore and the stratus cloud deck is mostly mixing out. A modest 1023mb high is located 700 miles SW of Pt Conception and surface flow is draining into a 1009mb low over Southern Nevada/Yuma. It is already 80° F in Indio, CA with a high temperature forecast to be 105° F this afternoon.
For the coastal region off of Long Beach, cool water temps will keep the air temps in the mid 60s except along the immediate shoreline. The critical 40° F temperature delta between the race course and low desert should be in effect from early afternoon through the end of racing today making for somewhat sporty conditions. The official NWS forecast is for a bit less wind than yesterday but the early onshore flow is already happening so I believe that winds should come up earlier than yesterday and be in the same range with gusts a click or two higher than they were on Friday.
There should be plenty of sun once the stratus clears out. A small south swell of 2-3 feet @ 8 seconds will combine with wind chop in the afternoon hours for a slightly sloppy sea state outside the breakwater. Winds: 10-18 G 20-23 knots Direction: SW becoming WSW-West mid to late afternoon Skies: Partly Cloudy to clear in the afternoon Seas: South Swell @2-3ft. Wind chop 1-2 feet except 2-3 feet late in the west portion of the race course.
Get your allotment of sun today. Tomorrow (Sunday) may be more overcast.
Weather thanks to Ullman Sails/WxRouting
Mark MichaelsenMark@WxRouting.comVoice-Text: +1 (562) 301-8334 

2023 LBRW Friday, June 23 Weather Forecast

Forecast valid as of 10:15AM PDT
Skies are slowly clearing out over Long Beach and the San Pedro Channel after an upper level low now over Utah slowly exits to the East. A mild eddy formed overnight but now seems to be mostly dissipating and winds should shift from the SSE to SSW and become SW to West in the afternoon. Temperatures over the low desert are struggling to reach 80’F but as the desert heats up this afternoon, the wind speeds should increase from around 8 knots to 13-18 G 20 by their peak around 4-430PM. 
A consistent right shift should correlate to increasing winds during the afternoon hours. Clear skies should be the rule. South swell of 3 feet @9 seconds. Winds should ease a bit on Saturday. Air temps in the high 60s  will be the rule and the UV index will be high this afternoon.
Weather thanks to Ullman Sails/Mark Michaelsen WxRouting

2023 LBRW Weekend Weather Forecast

As of Wednesday at 1830HRS PDT a low pressure center is expected to drop inland along the coast Thursday night into Friday deepening the marine layer to around 4000 feet. This should result in scattered drizzle but also fun wind in the afternoon as the low moves inland Friday evening through Saturday morning. It will be chilly as well on Friday with high temps unlikely to hit the 70°F mark. Clouds and some fog in the morning will struggle to clear along the immediate coast. Winds 8-14 from the SSW the SW become 11-16 SW-WSW with gusts to 18/22 knots depending on where you are on the various courses.
High pressure builds into SoCal on Saturday allowing for some clearing but with surface pressure rising, the ridge will dampen the onshore flow for less wind on Saturday than on Friday. Sunday is up in the air right now and conditions will largely depend on the pace of another upper level low making its way toward the coast. It is difficult at this time to provide much accuracy as the upper level lows are notoriously difficult to forecast for track and depth this far out as we transition from spring to summer. If the low makes its way into the desert SW a little more quickly than forecast, Sunday could end up being 10-15 G 20. If the low stalls off the coast, Sunday could be more overcast and 8-14 G 15.  
Mark Michaelsen


Wind Speed and Direction

Sailing conditions offshore at Long Beach have a number of influences. The two major influences are the thermal sea breeze and the Catalina eddy. The thermal sea breezes are southwesterly with speeds of 10 to 16 knots in the afternoons, less in the morning. The Catalina eddy gives several days with southeasterly to south winds with speeds in the 6 to 12 knot range. This is most frequent in the spring months. Frontal systems can also occur occasionally, causing medium to strong northwesterly winds. Occasionally hot desert Santa Ana winds, or thunderstorms occur which cause unusual wind speeds and directions.

June provides some of the best, most consistent sailing conditions in Long Beach with the thermal sea breeze dominating the weather patterns at this time of year.

A daily weather briefing will be provided for all competitors. In addition the following links provide useful information to plan your on the water strategy.

Weather Links

Water Temperature

The California Current, a southerly ocean current provides the major influence on water temperature in Southern California. This cool ocean current should keep the water temperature in the range of 66°F to 70°F during Long Beach Race Week.

Air Temperature

The temperature during Long Beach Race Week should be between 75°F and 85°F.


Long Beach has a small tidal range, around 5-7ft. Click on the following link to view  the NOAA Tides and Currents predictions for Long Beach Terminal Island during  Long Beach Race Week.

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