About Us -

Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Since its founding in 1924, Alamitos Bay 
Yacht Club has emphasized three 
things: excellence in sailboat racing, a 
family atmosphere and the enjoyment of 
sailing in all its forms. From its ideal 
location at the end of the peninsula, 
ABYC offers easy access to one of the 
finest racing areas in the world and the 
rich cruising destinations of Santa 
Catalina and other Channel Islands.

Our members enjoy hosting national, 
regional and world championship 
regattas as well as maintaining a 
diverse cruising schedule.

The active Junior Program works to 
instill a love of sailing as well as racing 
skills in all of its participants.

Long Beach Yacht Club

LBYC is located on a promontory at the 
east end of Naples Island in Long 
Beach, California. Committees organize 
and manage a full schedule of yachting, 
educational, social and public-outreach 
programs, and the Club is recognized 
throughout the worldwide yachting 
community for its hospitality.  

LBYC youth programs are strong and 
widely popular, focused primarily on 
sailing, swimming, surfing and - most 
importantly - fun.

Parents and Club staff ensure there is a 
healthy mix of education, training and 
social activities. Sailing programs have 
access to boats ranging from eight-foot 
Sabots to Catalina-37 match race boats.